Pilates in Pregnancy

Pilates in Pregnancy

Hilary is now offering individual appointments for pregnant ladies.

Specialist attention

Pilates taught to pregnant ladies by Specialized Womens Health Physiotherapist can really help maintain the strength of your pelvic floor and optimise your posture as your body changes.
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There is probably no greater change that can occur to a human body than pregnancy, with nine months being enough to adaptively change your posture for good.

However, due to the slow change that occurs many ladies don’t feel how much their body changes.  Furthermore, the changes in your body and the flexibility of your muscles, which are softened by altered hormone levels, add to the stresses on your body’s support mechanisms.

Pilates in pregnancy can help to optimize posture, maintain muscle strength, particularly in the pelvic floor and deep abdominal muscles, and enhance your overall feeling of well being.

Hilary’s experience of managing ladies throughout the different stages of their pregnancy ensure that you feel happy and confident in the level of activity you are undertaking.

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