Class Structure

Hilary's Pilates Class Structure

Before joining a class, all attendees must have an individual one to one screen, health check and "centering" appointment. The purpose of this meeting is to check you are suitable for a class and that you can successfully achieve the correct starting positions. Unlike many classes, this saves you from wasting time attending a class you can not complete, or worse still, leaving in pain. Also, you will be reassured that you are doing things correctly.

Hilary's Pilates classes cater for a maximum of 16 people to enable proper supervision of the class and how people are exercising and moving.

They are open to both men and women. Classes are for mixed ability, with the instructor demonstrating both progressed and regressed levels of each exercise so you can work within your own limits.

The classes are run by a chartered physiotherapist, and your movements may be gently corrected at appropriate times.

The instructor will never ask you to do a movement or exercise with which you are not comfortable.

Classes run approximately 50 minutes, which includes a warm up, cool down and relaxation section.

Classes are booked in 6 weekly blocks.

A "drop in" class in not currently available.

Equipment used

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