Not sure whether Pilates is for you?
Have a look at what some of Hilary's clients have to say:

I feel very lucky to have landed in Hilary's Pilates Class. She is obviously extremely knowledgeable and a highly trained teacher who is always concerned for our well-being and safety and is aware of us all as individuals. Consequently, just by turning up each week and following Hilary's instructions I now have better balance, more flexibility, a flatter stomach, and a waist! A minor miracle…….If Hilary's classes work for this grandmother who has always hated and avoided exercise, I'm certain they will work for anyone.
I started coming to Pilates having had my second child and I feel that it has helped improved the tone of my abdominal muscles, which had separated during pregnancy. I enjoy the class because the exercises are different levels and so I can work to my own ability…and Hilary is good at correcting me when I am not doing something right! Hilary is always friendly and approachable.
I have been going to Hilary's Pilates classes for the last ten months and thoroughly enjoy them every week. Hilary is an excellent Pilates teacher and patiently guides you through the moves giving you options along the way so you can make it as gentle or as difficult as you like. Definitely worth going to!