What is Good Posture?

So what is good posture?

Here, Hilary standing in her natural posture, which she believes to be reasonably good.

But is it perfect?

Well, there is no known "perfect posture", but if we look at the lines of gravity, the angles of the spine and pelvis, Hilary is in a comfortable and efficient looking posture. Move your mouse to a side on view and you can see that you could drop a plumb line through the back of Hilary's ear, through her shoulder hip and just in front of the ankle. This means she is in an optimal posture for her body.

The reality is that no-one knows what perfect posture is, but there are certain extremes of posture and postural types which are more prone to pain, injury and inefficiencies.

Posture is attitude!

Does Hilary look happy?

Good posture is about having a good balance in your body, looking good and feeling good. Some people talk about "body language", and probably the way we present ourselves is as important as what we say and do.

Whether we are feeling high or low, calm or relaxed, well or not so well, our posture changes. So if mood can alter posture, could posture alter mood?

How good is your posture?